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The purpose of this contract is to regulate the relationships between USERS who formalize a purchase process through the Azulejos Neicone website.

This document can be downloaded in printable format by all those users who wish to previously know the conditions of purchase of the products offered through azulejosneicone.com.

The purchase through our website implies full acceptance of the following conditions, in accordance with the provisions of article 27 of the current Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce. Azulejos Chiva SL will file on its servers the contracts formalized through the web by its users as a guarantee and proof of the services arranged with them.

The Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies of azulejosneicone.com will also apply to them. The rest of azulejosneicone.com users will not be affected by what is included in this section and it will only apply to them from the moment they make a purchase through azulejosneicone.com.

Azulejos Chiva S.L. , offers in azulejosneicone.com a variety of products so that the USER can make their purchase from their home or from where they have a device with an Internet connection. The products offered on azulejosneicone.com are accompanied by an image, a brief description of the product, and its current price in euros, which includes VAT. Exports to countries outside the European Union are excluded from VAT, which will be subject to the corresponding customs duties according to the country from which the purchase is made, in which case the VAT to be paid will be deducted from the price.

The prices of the products offered on azulejosneicone.com will remain in effect until Azulejos Chiva SL decides to change them. Said modifications will not affect in any case the purchase processes already initiated by the user and implemented by the company. The products will only be available until the stock is exhausted, so that, once an order has been requested, its delivery will not be guaranteed until a message accepting the purchase is sent to the USER.

When the purchase is formalized as indicated, the Purchase Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the exchange and return conditions and all the contents of the Web are being accepted. Remember that we can answer questions or help in the following email neicone@azulejosneicone.com.

We reserve the right to change the product in the catalog or to cancel your order with just cause, in particular in the following cases:

1.- When there is a manifest error in the product, in its description, image, characteristics or an error in its cataloging on the web, or in the price (for example, when an erroneous price is shown or when there is an error regarding one of the essential characteristics of the product), or for any other justifiable error by this party within good contractual faith.

2.- When there is a dispute about the payment of your order.

In case of cancellation of the order, the substitution will be agreed with the client for the product that, after correcting the error, has the characteristics or the price that this party intended before noticing the error and that the same value is given to the price paid by the client , and in case of not accepting the replacement, the payment made for the purchase will be refunded.


The USER must place the order by clicking on the “add to cart” tab. The order is added to a total that includes all items confirmed by the customer by clicking on the “Complete Purchase” button. Orders over 100kg and those whose delivery address is outside of Spain, they will be attended to at the email neicone@azulejosneicone.com or by phone: +34 644 856 066.

Azulejos Chiva S.L., will confirm the acceptance of your order to the USER via email. Azulejos Chiva S.L., reserves the possibility of rejecting an order for a specific reason that will be communicated to the USER. The contract with Azulejos Chiva S.L., becomes fully effective once the veracity of all the data included in the order is verified and the confirmation is sent by email to the USER.

No new orders can be made until the USER has made the payment of all amounts due for previous orders. Likewise, the property of the merchandise will be retained by Azulejos Chiva S.L., until it receives the sums owed by the USER.


The price that will be invoiced to the client is the price indicated in the final order confirmation sent by Azulejos Chiva S.L. Payment for goods and services is made by credit card in a secure environment on our provider’s server.

Azulejos Chiva S.L. will retain ownership of the products until the USER pays the price of the products and services in full.


The person responsible for receiving the order on site must ensure the following:

Check the merchandise and make sure that the packaging and the tiles are in good condition, it is very important in case of doubt to indicate on the delivery note POSSIBLE BREAKAGE OF THE MERCHANDISE.

The client must check the merchandise correctly to be able to give the go-ahead, having a period of 24 hours to report any failure or breakage of the material. After this period, if the client wants to make a return, he must bear the return costs.


No claims or returns will be accepted on material already placed.


Almost all our products are in stock, but there may be cases in which there are shortages due to manufacturing causes or reservations by other customers.

In the event that there is a low stock of any material for which the order has already been paid, we will provide the customer with the option of waiting until the next manufacture, of changing it for another model that meets their needs or of making the payment of the same.


All products sold on our website have at least a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects against any type of defect.

If the buyer has to make use of his guarantee right, he has to contact Azulejos Chiva S.L. Depending on the brand of the product, we will inform you of the steps to follow, for the rapid resolution of the incident. For any repair under warranty you must send us a copy of the sales invoice.

In case of defects and deterioration due to external circumstances, accidents, especially electrical, wear, installation and use not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions are excluded from any guarantee. Modified products, repaired by the customer or another person not authorized by the manufacturer, are also excluded from the warranty.

In any case, Azulejos Chiva S.L., will not accept any responsibility, if the manufacturer of the product refuses to apply such a guarantee for the reasons set out above.

Claims on the tone and caliber of ceramic materials will not be accepted when they have been served in different orders.

If the product has a manufacturing defect, we will refund the full amount of said product or replace it at no cost on your part.

For any incident, contact us at the e-mail: neicone@azulejosneicone.com


We recommend always asking for a sample of the product before purchase, it is true that we try to make the images of our products as real as possible but many times due to factors of tones or visualizations of the screens or images are not exactly the color shown.

Returns of products that have not suffered any breakage or damage will be accepted, the return costs will always be borne by the customer.

If the return is due to breakage of the material, photos of the pieces and boxes should be sent to neicone@azulejosneicone.com during the first 24 hours from the reception of the material. It will be processed with the insurance and if you accept the claim, the material will be replaced.

In the event that the failure was of the material or an error in the shipment, we are the ones who will take care of the return and subsequent replacement of the material.

Returns of special pieces that have been specially made for the customer, such as skirting boards or steps, cannot be made.

The buyer will have a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the material, to withdraw from the purchase and revoke the order. The notification of withdrawal must be made by email to neicone@azulejosneicone.com, indicating the reason for the return and the order details, as well as those of the purchasing party. The amount of the order will be returned to the buyer, within ten days, counted from the date of receipt by the seller of the returned material, deducting the transport costs of the material. Items that have been sent incomplete, with damaged packaging, with boxes broken or open or dirty by the customer will not be accepted, if it is not returned in the same way and original packaging, the good will suffer a depreciation and the factory will not accept your return.


We accept the cancellation of any order, provided that we have not proceeded to send or prepare it. If the order has already been sent or prepared, you must wait to receive it and proceed to return it, in the manner indicated in RETURN of the requested order. To cancel the shipment, communicate it urgently through the CONTACT FORM on this website, or call to the phone number +34 644 856 066.


The relationships established between the company and the client through the web will be subject to Spanish legislation, except in those cases in which, as a consumer, other more advantageous provisions of mandatory application to the consumer are applicable.

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