SAMPLE 20×20 Tau FOREVER – Rectified porcelain

Tau Cerámicas

SAMPLE 20×20 Tau FOREVER. Porcelain wood effects tiles. Textured with soft reliefs on surface like 25×100 size.

Each whole piece measures 25×100 cm. and 8.6 mm. of thickness. Each box has 6 pieces with a total of 1.50 sq. m. QUALITY 1st


To see the complete series, click HERE

SAMPLE 20×20

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SAMPLE 20×20 Tau FOREVER. Porcelain wood effects tiles. Textured with soft reliefs on surface like 25×100 size.


SAMPLE 20×20 Tau FOREVER. Porcelain floor tiles with wood effects and texturized surface with soft reliefs that mimic the grain of wood with matte finish

With 18 different designs mixed randomly in the boxes to avoid repetitions.

It also has a wide range of colors: TILO, ARCE, HAYA, ROBLE and OLIVO.

In addition, the textured surface together with the soft reliefs and the imitation of wood give it a spectacular realism.

Tau’s FOREVER gives warmth to the decorations and transmits quality in the surroundings. It is very nice.


SAMPLE 20×20 Tau FOREVER is made of high quality porcelain by Cerámicas TAU.

The hardness and resistance to abrasion of porcelain allows us to use this series in any installation.

For this reason it becomes the ideal material for places of high traffic and also for the home.

In addition, this large format NO rectified allows a very contained price taking into account the design of the series and the quality of the porcelain tile.

By way of conclusion, the combination of designs and variety of colors make the FOREVER series the solution if we want an imitation wood floor.

You will always find in FOREVER the appropriate format and the ideal color to combine with the rest of your home. Do not hesitate.

Finally, you can see the complete series by clicking HERE

This item is shipped in 7 working days from Spain

To calculate the boxes you need, divide the square meters of surface between the meters that contain a box and add 10% for the cuts.

Finally, in the “Documentation” tab, you have the collection file at your disposal.



TAU es otra de las marcas veteranas del sector, con un recorrido de 50 años en la cerámica y con nueva factoría e imagen recien estrenada.Si por algo destaca TAU es sin duda por sus cuidados diseños de alta calidad estética y técnica.Estos diseños están basados en la naturaleza, en lo que nos encontramos en nuestro entorno, replicaos a la perfección sobre cerámica.Cementos, piedras, mármoles, maderas, arena, metales, textiles de tu entorno llevados a la cerámica mediante las últimas tecnologías de impresión digital sobre cerámica.Igualmente destaca su evolución según la demanda del mercado hacia los nuevos y enormes formatos de las colecciones ASCALE de porcelánicos rectificados.Sin dejar atrás los formatos tradicionales en pasta blanca o roja.TAU es siempre un referente a tener en cuenta en calidad y diseño.En Azulejos Neicone tenemos una selección del catálogo, pero podemos sumimistrar cualquier serie de la marca que podrá encontrar en
Tau Cerámicas
Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 2 cm
Colores TAU



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