Sample 20×20 IRATI by Ecoceramic – Rectified porcelain


SAMPLE 20×20 IRATI by Ecoceramic. Rectified porcelain floor tile similar to wood. Matte finish with soft grain design

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SAMPLE 20×20


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SAMPLE 20×20 IRATI by Ecoceramic. Rectified porcelain floor tile similar to wood. Matte finish with soft grain design.

Colors: Blanco, Gris, Haya, Straw, Taupe, Cerezo and Nogal.



Sample 20×20 IRATI by Ecoceramic imitates wood with a fairly uniform design of soft streaks and enough different surfaces to avoid repetitions.

The range of colors is very wide to adapt to any environment where we want to install it

Ecoceramic has adapted the printing techniques with high-result designs that achieve spectacular imitation realism.

These realistic techniques, copy even the defects of the original woods and are able to print them making them seem even more real.

This format has different variations in the design so that it is impossible to find the repetition



Sample 20×20 IRATI by Ecoceramic is manufactured on top quality rectified porcelain tiles. This deployment of media in the design is accompanied by the best material

In addition, Ecoceramic has made a great effort to be recognized as one of the reference brands in both design and large formats, with very tight prices.

The 20×120 format is the standard for wood imitations and allows its use in any room size.

The high pressure procedures in the manufacture of porcelain make it a super material due to its strength and hardness.

It can also be installed outdoors because it does not absorb water and is not affected by freezing or high temperatures.

It also supports all household cleaning chemicals without problems.

All these features allow us to install this series in any part of the house, kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms, and in public places of high requirements for materials

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This item is served in 7 business days from Spain.

To calculate the boxes, divide the square meters of surface between those in each box and add 10% for the cuts.

Finally, in the “Documentation” tab you have the collection file at your disposal.



ECOCERAMIC destaca por ser una fábrica joven, de reciente creación, ya que nació en el 2009.A esta juventud ECOCERAMIC suma la amplia experiencia del capital humano que la forma, seleccionados entre los majores de cada especialidad.Ha destacado siempre por su expansión internacional muy estrucutrada. Ya esá presente en 100 paises.Además es una fábrica muy comprometida con la sostenibilidad de la producción y muy comprometida con el medio ambiente.Una de sus mayores preocupaciones es conseguir productos creados con las últimas tecnologías de impresión y fabricación, a unos precios muy competitivos.ECOCERAMIC está en permanente evolución, creando colecciones nuevas constantemente que la mantienen a la vanguardia de muchos competidores.En Azulejos Neicone tenemos una selección del catálogo, pero podemos sumimistrar cualquier serie de la marca que podrá encontrar en
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Dimensions20 × 20 × 2 cm



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