Several months ago a client contacted to ask us about porcelain materials and we tuned in very well from the first moment. After that first contact, many others followed one another, in which he told us about his project, his doubts and we did what we could to collaborate.

In a short space of time we were part of his project and we went to visit him on site with the car loaded with samples, something that he sincerely thanked from the moment he saw us arrive. It was a very rewarding trip and a very special client in the close treatment.

The house is huge and when we arrived they were finishing the partitioning, we had little time and all the materials had to be chosen on the same trip in that meeting between the owner, architect, interior designer and us.

Once decisions were made quickly to manage with factories to be on time and not delay the work, even from the car on the return trip we were on it.

STATUARIO 120×120 and WACOM FOREST 240×120 were the main chosen.

In a hectic week we put all the ceramic tiles from the first order on the job site, and in a second later order we finished serving everything.

The effort and dedication were worth it and it is obvious seeing the result in the photographs that he kindly gave us.

Congratulations on the house and congratulations on the result!