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Category - Coatings


Coatings, General, Materials, Pavement

Several months ago a client contacted to ask us about porcelain materials and we tuned in very well from the first moment. After that first contact, many others followed one another, in which he told us about his…

El Cafetín de Torre

Coatings, General, Materials, Pavement

Cristina contacted us with her new project and the very clear ideas of the materials she was looking for for El Cafetín de Torre, so we started. A good rectified wood-effect porcelain for the floor, for which Maryland…

Sample Service

Coatings, General, Materials, Pavement

We have put into operation in azulejosneicone.com a sample service at your disposal. Once in the store and accessing the Categories, we see that the second is called "Collections of tiles and SAMPLES". Within this Category we find…

More wood!!!!!!!

Coatings, General, Materials, Pavement

We have prepared another series of imitation wood from the spectacular TAU firm. This is the ORIGIN series in 20x120 format, and we have chosen it for its textured surface through soft reliefs, which give a touch of…

Original pool

Coatings, General, Pavement

For this occasion, we present you by original, Manuel.Original pool twice, since it has made the interior of imitation wood porcelain, and because the pool takes advantage of the “L” shape of the plot. It has chosen one…

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