WHITE Matt by Baldocer

WHITE Matt by Baldocer is a rectified porcelain tile with a smooth and matt surface, very lightly satined and white color.

WHITE Matt by Baldocer has an intense and uniform solid white color.

It is ideal for covering surfaces where we look for total uniformity of design, without irregularities.

It is a series made of high quality porcelain with some features to keep in mind:

WHITE Matt by Baldocer can be installed as a floor because of hardness and abrasion resistance.

To give continuity in the decorations fits like tile wall covering to perfection.

As it does not absorb liquids, the stains do not attach to the material and it is easily cleaned. Tolerates any household cleaning material.

This null absorption of liquids allows to install it outdoors without any problem, because it does not affect the freezing.

Outdoor is a series that for facade gives very good aesthetic results and can also be installed on outdoor floors, taking into account that it is non-slip.

For Baldocer’s WHITE Matt series, high temperatures are no problem, porcelain tiles withstand more than 1,000 degrees centigrade.

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