WALKYRIA by Ecoceramic

WALKYRIA by Ecoceramic is a collection that stands out for its wide range of gray colors.

It also has all the non-slip colors so that you have the complete solution in the same collection.

WALKYRIA is complemented by 3 wood colors and forms one of the most complete collections.

The veins of the designs are smooth and quite uniform and, together with the range of colors, it is easily combinable.

It is made of high quality rectified porcelain tile in the 20×120 format, which is the standard for wood imitation.

It can be installed indoors and outdoors and on the floor or wall as it is porcelain since it withstands high temperatures and freezes.

WALKYRIA from Ecoceramic also has the possibility of skirting and steps from the same collection.

To finish, we can supply any collection of the Ecoceramic brand: www.ecoceramic.es

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