URBAN by Cifre

URBAN by Cifre is a porcelain tile collection with a vintage design.

URBAN by Cifre is designed based on the typical compositions of vintage tiles, introducing very modern colors.

The designs are floral figures that make up mosaics by turning the pieces on themselves during installation.

This type of tiles are ideal to highlight an area of ​​an instance either on the wall or on the floor, to break the uniformity and monotony.

The colors have been renewed, generating very modern compositions that can easily be combined with the rest of the room.

In addition, as a material porcelain. The super material for cladding, and with a very versatile C2 soft non-slip finish.

It can be installed as a floor or wall and also outdoors as it tolerates frost and high temperatures.

On the other hand, they are zero maintenance, just daily cleaning with household products is enough.

Finally, in this LINK you can visit the series on the manufacturer's website for more details