TEAK by Ecoceramic

TEAK by Ecoceramic is an imitation wood in porcelain with 20mm. thick and non-slip.

Ecoceramic takes one more turn in the designs of thickened floors of 20mm.

They already exist but almost none with imitation wood and again Ecoceramic stands out again providing innovative solutions to customer needs.

In addition, TEAK by Ecoceramic is manufactured with a high quality porcelain tile that, together with the thickener, is an ideal solution for technical floors.

In raised floors it provides design results that cost a lot to find, there are almost imitations of wood in 20mm.

By installing it glued to the ground, we achieve a surface of hardness and resistance with designs unthinkable to date.

Finally, at Neicone we can provide any collection of the ECOCERAMIC signature: www.ecoceramic.es

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