ROVERE by Cifre

ROVERE by Cifre is a series of wood-effect porcelain tiles, with soft reliefs on the surface and a matte finish.

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As far as design is concerned, it stands out for its uniformity and elegance, while maintaining the character marked by the veins.

The smooth reliefs on the surface give it a textured look of great reality. You have to touch it to appreciate that it is not wood.

It's funny, because the series that normally aim to give that feeling of uniformity do so by blurring the grain of the wood.

However, in the case of ROVERE by Cifre, the grain of the wood is still clearly visible to give it character.

It has a wide range of colors to be able to combine it with the ranges of colors that we need and thus be able to provide a quality solution.

In addition, it also has non-slip finishes in some colors in case it is necessary depending on the situation.

They are made of high-quality porcelain, which will guarantee the durability of the installations and facilitate their maintenance.

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