RODAS by Ecoceramic

RODAS by Ecoceramic is a series of rectified porcelain tiles imitating ONIX marble.

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Thanks to the high-resolution image printing processes, the result of this series is spectacular.

In addition, for a greater sense of realism, even the small defects that natural stone has are printed, with excellent fidelity.

You have to touch it to distinguish that it is an imitation, it is not noticeable at first glance.

On the other hand, the RODAS series by Ecoceramic has a high quality gloss polished finish.

This design development is accompanied by the best material, Porcelain.

Ceramic supermaterial for its resistance to both frost and high temperatures, as well as mechanical resistance.

These characteristics allow installing both on the ground and on the wall, and indoors or outdoors without problems.

Finally, at Neicone we can supply any ECOCERAMIC product: