ROADSTONE by TAU is a rectified porcelain tiles collection with natural limestone look and also rectified white body tiles for indoor walls

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ROADSTONE by Tau stands out for the natural limestone aspect of its porcelain formats.

They also have a textured surface with soft reliefs and a matte finish that achieve a very real appearance.

There are also high-quality gloss polished finishes that add that extra touch of quality to the floors.

The polished finish has a completely smooth surface and a mirror shine.

The tiles made of porcelain can be installed on the wall or floor indistinctly and also outdoors, because they tolerate frost without problems.

Porcelain tiles are the ideal material for floors in areas with high mechanical demands, such as high-traffic and outdoor public places.

ROADSTONE by Tau has a specific format for interior walls made of rectified white body, where the use of porcelain is not necessary.

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