PANDA by Ecoceramic

PANDA by Ecoceramic is a series that imitates a very characteristic type of marble: PANDA Marble.

PANDA marble is distinguished by a broad vein of deep black and a very white background against which it contrasts.

The surface is completely smooth and the polished finish is extra bright.

This mixture of colors is reminiscent of the Panda bears, original from China, where this type of marble also originates from.

In addition, the high quality prints used by Ecoceramic faithfully reproduce the design of the pieces-

Also with enough variations in the designs not to appreciate repetitions of parts once installed.

The support is a high quality porcelain of selected aggregates subjected to high pressure prior to firing.

This makes it a super material to install on both walls and floors. It will withstand high traffic without problems.

It can also be installed outdoors, as it tolerates frost and high temperatures.

Regarding maintenance, you only need daily cleaning with any household product.

At NEICONE, we can supply any ceramic of the ECOCERAMIC brand: