OTWAY by Ecoceramic

Otway by Ecoceramic is an imitation of wood on rectified porcelain tiles with 20×120 and 30×180 sizes.

On the web we sell the 20×120 size directly. For the 30×180 format, it is budgeted by e-mail due to the big size.

Ecoceramis OTWAY is one of the latest developments of the Ecoceramic brand in wood imitations.

It stands out for the effort in the improved design of the pieces and the wide range of colors.

Ecoceramic makes imitations of wood in many colors to be able to install them in any environment.

Porcelain allows OTWAY to be installed in any situation.

Interior, exterior, floor or wall, even facade.

To avoid problems, we always advise the purchase of samples if the material is unknown.