OTAWA by Baldocer

OTAWA by Baldocer are rectified porcelain floor tiles that imitates wood with smooth surface and matt finish.

The series has a multitude of designs to avoid the repetition effect and achieve greater realism.

OTAWA by Baldocer has a smooth surface and some soft wooden designs that are characterized by being quite uniform.

In addition, the series uses very detuned colors that give it a warm and cozy while very natural.

Once installed, it is an imitation wood with a very natural appearance, with soft veins that do not stand out in excess and gives a calm, serene and warm appearance.

The material on which it is made is high quality rectified porcelain from Baldocer.

What makes it possible to conceal the joints using appropriate color shades.

The porcelain makes the pieces stand the frost without problems, since they do not absorb water.

It can be installed indoors, outdoors, as a floor or wall, and if necessary, has two anti-slip colors.

It also does not absorb stains and you can use all household cleaning products without problems. Even solvents

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