NASHVILLE by Ecoceramic

NASHVILLE by Ecoceramic is a series of small decorative tiles.

Only 7×28 cm. and with a design that mimics the old solid brick walls.

It is the solution to a decorative trend of maintaining solid brick walls seen, but without maintenance problems.

The appearance is identical and without having to thoroughly clean and varnish.

NASHVILLE has 6 colors among which I would like to highlight Red and white to recreate solid brick walls for industrial and vintage environments.

It combines perfectly with wood or cconcrete imitation floors.

Each piece simulates a brick, so the imitation brick wall is very real.

It is also made of porcelain, which guarantees the durability of the pieces in any situation.

NASHVILLE by Ecoceramic can be installed on the facade without any problem, it will not be affected by frost or high temperatures.

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