MUDEJAR is a collection of high quality porcelain tiles inspired by the typical designs of medieval Mudejar art.

Mudejar Art was born in the Iberian Peninsula solely as a fusion between Christian and Muslim cultures.

Specifically, it is developed by the so-called Mudejars, who were the inhabitants of the Muslim religion, authorized to live in Christian areas by paying taxes.

In ceramics, it is characterized by the geometric designs of the pieces that combine between them making mosaics.

Basic colors such as blue, green, white, and ocher the color of unglazed clay were used.

On the web we are going to include them within the category of hydraulics because they form mosaics of geometric figures, although originally they have nothing to do with it.

These imitations are made on high quality porcelain that allows them to be used outdoors or indoors without problems.

They tolerate frost and high temperatures and do not have any specific maintenance.