METRO is a collection of bevelled tiles that have their origin in the old Metro stations of Paris and New York.

They created a trend in decoration that lasts to this day.

Very possibly it has to do with the bevelling of the tiles that favors the reflection of light when it falls on them.

Also, as they are small formats, they offer many different planes to reflect the light.

These reflections give a feeling of luminosity very accentuated throughout the room.

You can get industrial and vintage environments by installing the METRO collection up to half height, in spike, or vertically.

Our METRO series is manufactured on white body, that is, the back part of the tile is of a whitish ceramic.

This type of material contributes an extra hardness in the pieces at the same time as a low absorption of liquids and stains.

The abrasion resistance of the surface is superior to those of red paste. It is about higher quality tiles.

You can find them in various formats and colors to have a wider range of possibilities to make combinations.

The star format of this series is 7.5 x 15. In this format you will find a great variety of colors such as jade, blue, cream, olive, all pastel colors pleasant to look at and nothing raucous.

In addition this format has the PATCHWORK model with a variety of designs in colors and black and white that will not go unnoticed where you install them.

Other formats of this series are: 7.5 x 30 and 10 x 20