MARYLAND by Baldocer

MARYLAND by Baldocer is one of the star collections in wood imitation.


Thanks to the digital impressions on porcelain materials these floors have evolved a lot in a very short time.

To show this, Baldocer's MARYLAND has to be touched to realize that it is not a wood.

The surface is textured with soft reliefs and matt finish.

The advantage of porcelain woods is the absence of maintenance and resistance to incidents in the home.

We will no longer worry about the marks on the parquet or water leaks, always unalterable.

Maryland now also in 20×120 format and with anti-slip finishes for outdoors (terraces, swimming pools, etc).

In addition, rectified porcelain, to reduce the joints to the maximum and disguise them with colored boradas.

The porcelain allows to install in exterior, interior, floors and walls. It is a supermaterial