MARSALA by Tau is a collection that imitates wooden floors, made of rectified porcelain.

MARSALA by Tau stands out for its textured surface that gives an incredible real wood look.

It imitates a wood slightly aged by the use that gives it a vintage touch.

In addition Marsala has soft tones and matte finish very detuned that bring a feeling of great warmth.

It also stands out for having 45 designs of different surfaces for each color, mixed randomly in the boxes.

Due to the number of designs, the repetition factor is negligible when installed.

The support is high quality porcelain and the format 20×120 very suitable to accompany the realism of the designs

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    Skirting MARSALA 9×120 by Tau – Blunt edged skirting

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    Gradone step MARSALA 20×120 by Tau – Mitered edge

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    Step MARSALA 20×120 by Tau – Simple grooved step

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