MANAUS by Ecoceramic

MANAUS by Ecoceramic is one of the brand’s latest imitation wood collections.

Colors inspired by tropical wood from Brazil, little worked and very natural looking and matte finish

They emphasize the wood grains that provide a feeling of realism, along with the range of natural colors

Very easy to combine in any environment we want to recreate, due to the softness of its tones and the variety of colors of natural woods.

Ecoceramic MANAUS has two formats to choose from: 20×120 which is the one we have decided on at Neicone, but we can also serve the 25×150 format on a budget.

It is also made of premium quality porcelain tile and rectified, to hide the joints between tiles.

The porcelain tile can be installed on floors and walls without problems, and also outdoors, since it tolerates frost.

In addition to the web series, we can supply any collection from the Ecoceramic catalog:

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