IROCO by Ecoceramic

IROCO by Ecoceramic is a series that imitates recycled wood.

To highlight the texturized surface of the pieces, achieved thanks to soft reliefs that mimic the veins.

IROCO by Ecoceramic has 17 different designs mixed in the boxes.

From those that imitate natural wood of light colors and very marked veins;

Going through other darker shades like oil stained; and

Finalizing those that imitate having remains paintings of various colors.

With 17 different models the retro and vintage look is spectacular.

The format chosen is 15×90 to give greater impression of old pallet wood.

Rectified porcelain to be able to install it where and how we want, hiding the joints between the pieces as much as possible.

Porcelain tile will allow us to install it in exeriores, interiors, floors and walls or facades if problems.

Finally, remember that porcelain maintenance is minimal and tolerates all household chemicals

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