GLACIAR by Cifre

GLACIAR by Cifre is a collection of rectified, uniform and intense white tiles.

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GLACIAR by Cifre is a collection of rectified white body tiles for interior wall cladding.

GLACIAR has smooth models decorated with reliefs and rectified porcelain tiles for floors.

It has matte or gloss finishes for the walls, as well as matte or polished in the case of porcelain floor tiles.

In addition, the series features the 60×120 format, increasingly popular in facilities for its spectacular large-format appearance.

The color of this series is an intense and uniform white that can be combined with the rest of the colors of the home.

Cifre Glacier also stands out for the wide range of decorations with reliefs for the wall tiles. Very original current designs.

You can see the complete series on the brand's website with this link: GLACIAR by Cifre