FOREVER by Tau is wood effects porcelain tiles like Adonis pine tree.

The Adonis pine tree is a species that can be found in the Balkans and Northern Greece.

FOREVER by Tau has a textured surface porcelain with soft reliefs that imitates the grain of the wood.

Colors with medium detuning and matte finish.

FOREVER by Tau has several sizes:

25 x 100 cm . SIZE: NO rectified porcelain has been chosen for this format.

This format serves the need for a large part without rectifying with a considerable saving in price.

20 x 120 cm . SIZE: The most popular in wood imitations in rectified porcelain.

The design of the FOREVER series stands out on this rectified format.

15 x 60 cm . SIZE: This format was already dedicated to red paste for some time and with the FOREVER collection it is reborn in porcelain.

As you can see, TAU has made an effort to provide quality pieces in porcelain and spectacular design.