BOHARS by Tau is a collection of rectified porcelain tile with wood effects and textured surface with soft reliefs and great realism.

BOHARS is the most real wood-effect rectified porcelain tile that we have in the webside

The surface of the pieces is textured, with soft reliefs that imitate the irregularities of wood.

In addition, the colors are very natural and the grain designs give it a very real character and look.

These designes are obtained by high resolution images printed on the pieces with high quality.

The result is spectacular, you can see even the defects of the wood. Invite to touch it.

On the other hand, as a support the best porcelain and also rectified.

The strict selection of aggregates and the high pressure prior to firing give porcelain all its properties.

Extreme hardness and zero liquids absorption, allow it to be installed on the floor, wall, interior or exterior without any problem.

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