AMAZZONITE by Cifre is a series of rectified porcelain tiles with marble effects.

But to a very special marble of Egyptian origin, almost valued as a semi-precious stone, called Amazzonite, “The stone of hope”

It is characterized by its background JADE color, accompanied by numerous streaks of white and from ocher to brown.

AMAZZONITE by Cifre has a polished finish that intensifies the gemstone appearance.

A perfect imitation thanks to the high resolution processes in the printing of the images that achieve great realism.

With numerous designs so as not to appreciate repetitions once installed, randomly mixed in the boxes.

This series has been manufactured on high quality porcelain from CIFRE, achieved through a strict selection of aggregates.

The high pressure prior to firing these aggregates, gives this porcelain tile hardness, resistance and zero absorption of liquids.

In this link to the brand's website you can see more details of the AMAZZONITE series