ALHAMBRA is a series of porcelain tiles imitating vintage floor.

Using the basic formats and basic designs of the old vintage tiles ALHAMBRA was born

It is a current version of the designs of yesteryear, adapting them to current trends.

Basic minimalist lines on bright white backgrounds all with a special vintage touch.

Made of high quality porcelain to forget about maintenance.

It is also possible to install them as floor or wall due to the characteristics of the porcelain.

Also indoors or outdoors, taking into account that they are not non-slip.

It is also inspired by the tiles that were used around 1920-30 in all the works.

Light and Mediterranean colors to give luminosity to the dependencies, on light and white backgrounds, always of a cementitious appearance.

This cementitious aspect was given by the base material with which these old tiles, cement, were manufactured.

To finish the manufacturer of ALHAMBRA does not allow us to use his name on the web:

In this list you will find the original names and brands.

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