BIZUM is already in Neicone


Bizum is already well known among all as a form of payment between individuals that facilitates money transfers through your Bank’s app.

In a very simple and safe way, through our phone we can make an immediate money transfer to any number stored in our phonebook, which also has BIZUM assets.

The operation is mainly based on immediate transfers between bank accounts, using the unique telephone number as an identifier, it is not repeated.

Then we receive a verification sms on the mobile with a one-time password for that operation and the transfer is done.

Well, BIZUM has prepared its platform to be able to make payments in online stores in a very simple way as well:

We access our Bank application with which we work and searching for operations, we enter Bizum and activate online operations. Next, we will create a pin code for us as clients that we will use in electronic commerce.

And finally, the application sends us an SMS from the Bank with another one-time password, activated for a short period of time, which we must introduce, as a double security, in electronic commerce.

It is an ideal payment solution, in which we as cardholders do not have to enter the information of our card, the bank account or anything like that in any internet portal, which adds extra security to transactions.

In other words, whoever wants to buy in our place, must first know what our password is in Bizum and then they must have their mobile in their possession in order to see the second security key.

Come on, practically impossible to fake !!!!

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