BANACK 20×120 by Ecocerámic – Novelty imitation wood

BANACK 20×120 Ecoceramic has also set out to conquer imitation wood, and the design effort is evident in this series.

With BANACK you enter the group of brands where everything counts to create a reference material.

Starting with the smallest detail of the design that recreates even the irregularities of the original pieces of wood to achieve very high levels of realism,

all you have to do is look at the naturalness of the wood grain and the aspect of an installed floor to understand all the development reflected in this collection,

And in the other new series that we will gradually upload to the web,

Until the improvements introduced in the production line of these new series, which allow them to have unbeatable prices on the market just 2 years ago.

BANACK 20×120 is made of high quality rectified porcelain, resistant to frost and high temperatures.

As it is porcelain it will allow us to install it outdoors and indoors, and on floors or walls without any problem; it resists everything.

We also hope shortly that the brand will manufacture a non-slip version for this series that is sure to be a best seller, although for now we will have to wait.

To finish, we have uploaded to the web the format 20×120, but we can also serve the 25×150 format on a budget; as well as the rest of the brand’s catalog:


Ecoceramic BANACK Taupe 20x120 porcelánico rectificado
Rectified porcelain imitation natural wood

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