As your shipments worry us, and a lot, they are all insured.

Normally there are no incidents in our shipments, but from time to time these things happen, and for that, quick solutions.

In the event that your shipment has an incidence of breakage of material in transport, do not worry at all.

We care about you.

The ideal is to detect the breakage while the material is being unloaded, so that the delivery person of the company takes note of the incident on his delivery sheet, but this almost never happens. Most times they are in a hurry to download and do not wait for you to check.

In Neicone this is no longer a problem. Since the delivery driver downloads we have 24 hours to review the shipment quietly, and if there are material defects, the way to proceed is very simple:

First of all some photos of the damage where the extent of the breakages is appreciated, I mean, if unfortunately our shipment is damaged in two boxes, in the photo you have to see two boxes with broken material, the photo of a single piece broken, to request the replacement of two boxes.

Then an email to with a brief explanation with the photos attached, and from there, the responsibility is all ours.

We quickly send the claim to the transport company in your name and ask for the material to replace the damages. This new shipment is made without any cost to you, neither for the material nor for the transport, it only takes a little patience for you to get the material, which usually takes the same as the shipment

We take the incidents very seriously, for the clients you do not have to worry, as we have said before, they happen very sporadically, but we are always alert to solve it.